Wild Organic Cooking Wood - Cherry

Our Cherry Cookwood Logs and Chunks produce a medium sweet smoke that produces a great smoke ring and colour to the meat.  It’s often blended with other woods for extra depth of flavour:

A Sweet Start to the Perfect Meal

    • Characteristics: Sweet and subtle fruit undertones
    • Cooking styles: Grilling or smoking
    • Pairs well with: Vegetables, Steak, Chicken, Seafood

Heat Output: High

Our Cookwood Logs and Chunks are:

  • 100% Wild Organic
  • Locally and sustainably sourced in Niagara, Ontario
  • Perfectly seasoned and greenhouse dried for easy fire starting
  • Hand selected, hand cut/split, hand packaged for highest quality

Perfect for burning down into coals and grilling over on our Luxury Live Fire Grills! Cook the way our ancestors did - 100% wild organic wood!

Collections: Luxury Live Fire Grills

Type: Cooking Wood