2L Citronella Torch Fuel for Vortek

We have tested countless citronella fuels to make sure you get the best flame, cleanest burn and repel those bugs! Our winner, by far, was Hyoola’s Citronella Scented Lamp Oil, Made in the USA!

We have selected to stock the 2L size (1 Gallon Size Shown in Pictures).

The citronella keeps bugs and mosquitos away from your event, while the oil offers a clean, smokeless burn that looks beautiful, is odorless, and will enhance your party.

  • REPELS MOSQUITOES & BUGS: This citronella scented oil is awesome for you, awful for flying creatures and pests. They hate the stuff! It burns clean, smells great for you and your guests, but keeps those unwanted flying guests away.
  • SMOKE FREE BURN: This premium grade paraffin fuel provides a clean smokeless flame that is not only pleasant to be around, but looks beautiful too. It's great for centerpieces and dinner parties.
  • FOR OUTDOOR CANDLES: Whether you are using it for an outdoor picnic, BBQ, or for a candlelit dinner inside, this oil is perfect for all kinds of uses. Use if for decor or subtle lighting.
  • ODORLESS FORMULA: While the bugs can smell the citronella, the lamp fuel is odor free for humans! It doesn't have any unnecessary additives and Enhance your parties and events with beautiful candles that keep bugs at bay.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Maker's of fine quality candles, Hyoola is your go to for party and special event decorative candles. Using only the finest materials, Hyoola products are backed by a money back guarantee.

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