Urban Asado 'The Asador' Argentine Grill


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Manufactured in the USA by Urban Asado in St.Augustine, Florida. Our Canadian Exclusive designs are the most authentic Argentine Grills on the market, handcrafted using high quality, American 304 stainless steel. Each grill is completely welded, ready for high performance, live fire grilling at extreme temperatures. 

Standard Features:

  • Angled V-Grate Grill with Drip Tray - reduces flare ups while channelling and collecting the juices in the drip pan making it easy to build sauces for extra flavor!
  • Fully Welded 304 Stainless Insulated Fire Brick Frame - prevents heat loss for maximum heat retention and frame will take generations of extreme heat cycles! No nuts and bolts to continuously tighten!
  • Cast 304 Stainless Hand Wheel - raise and lower the v-grate grill in style with the luxurious wheel to control the temperature of your food!
  • Brasero Fire Basket - exclusively designed to maximize grilling space and coal production from your wood fire. Protected by a welded, stainless wind guard!
  • Ipe Wood Decking - Known as 'Iron Wood' for its resistance to scratches, decay, insects, mold, and has the same fire rating as concrete and steel!
  • Stainless Steel Castor Wheels - heavy duty wheels for easy mobility and locking mechanisms to keep it in place while working the grill!
  • Includes Heavy Duty Stainless Coal Rake and Stainless Grill Brush
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Built-In Models Available - please inquire


The Asador 60 Model
  • Dimensions - 32"D x 60"W x 70"H
  • Grilling Surface -
  • Weight is 793lbs

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Type: Live Fire Grill